November 17, 2020 Darko Spahić

CyberTale Studio is online!

A new beginning

After a long wait, and a lot of decision making – Darko, Denis, Marko and Zlatka decided it was finally the time to present a new Game Development studio, CyberTale Studio.

With approximately over 7 years working for other companies, the decision was to embark on a new and exciting adventure by creating something of our own. While the whole situation with Covid-19 did push the schedule a little bit further, now we are here, live, ready to work together and bring interesting games to the market.

Our Goal
We believe it’s possible to do the impossible. Try and go to great lengths with our ideas, and offer a great experience to our community, while also giving a chance for clients to work with us with some of their own ideas. Our idea is to one day expand the business, bring in talented people that will help us widen our horizon, and learn with them on this new journey.

Symbolism of the white rabbit
The White Rabbit represents the hollow, and hollow defines the emptiness and opportunity to be filled. It’s about following your curiosity, the White Rabbit is your curiosity.

For the studio, the rabbit represents a guide into our world – if you see the logo, follow the rabbit. The design carries a few subtle markers, such as the collar having the studio initials in it. The circle representing a warch (reference: Alice in Wonderland) with the ears being the clack hands.


Fingers crossed, and more blog posts to come!

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